Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessments

What is a diagnostic assessment?

A diagnostic assessment will provide a clearer picture of a young persons’ cognitive
strengths and weaknesses. It is also intended to confirm whether an individual has
difficulties associated with dyslexia or not.


When is a diagnostic assessment appropriate?

  • As evidence for access arrangements, such as the use of extra time in examinations
  • To provide further information about why a young person finds certain aspects of learning difficult, particularly with regards to reading, writing, spelling, study skills, organisation and memory
  • To provide individual recommendations for tailored teaching and support at home and in school based on the young persons’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses


How long does an assessment take?

A diagnostic assessment will usually take up to three hours to complete, depending on the circumstances. There will also be time to talk with parents before the assessment to obtain background information about the young person being assessed.


What information is collected before an assessment?

We ask for a parental questionnaires to be completed and ask permission to send forms to other professionals involved including schools. This helps us gain an extensive view of the situation. In a few instances parents do not want the school to be contacted. We always respect this and take confidentiality seriously.


What happens during an assessment?

There will be the opportunity for a short break during the assessment. All assessments and evaluations are examined on an individual basis. We have a broad range of assessment tools that we apply carefully to each situation, looking at the specific needs of the client as well as considering the information supplied and concerns raised.


What happens after the assessment?

Immediately after the assessment the assessor will offer to feedback to parents or careers directly. A student who is a teenager may well be invited to attend some of the feedback session.

The diagnostic assessment will be followed by a detailed and comprehensive report that contains specific recommendations and strategies. These are not only based on the factual findings of the assessment but also on learning style, reasoning skills and levels of self-esteem, anxiety, and motivation, to name a few.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a diagnostic assessment and report is £550.

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